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Publications by Sybille Fritsch-Oppermann:

Kühler Kopf und weiches Herz

FritschKühler Kopf und weiches Herz
Frauen in den Religionen der Welt: Über das kreative Potenzial der Randständigen.

Sybille Fritsch-Oppermann

This book deals with women’s role in the Holy Scriptures of World Religions and asks why women have been nevertheless silenced o death. It describes how finally resistance and courage growing at the borders and memory of pre-sisters and pre-mothers rediscovered and regained religious traditions of women’s liberation. How women found a new language – the beginning of a more just church and world.

Zufall, Notwendigkeit, Bestimmung.

Zufall, Notwendigkeit, Bestimmung.
Der Dialog zwischen Naturwissenschaft und Religion über Schöpfung und Natur angesichts der Fragen von Kausalität und Determination.

Loccumer Protokolle 15/01, Rehburg-Loccum
Conference documentation in cooperation with ESSSAT (European Society for the Study of Science and Theology). Keywords: God and Emptiness, Chaos Theory and Creation, Monism and Dualism, Time and Eternity, Natural Science and Religion

Christliche Existenz im buddhistischen Kontext

FritschChristliche Existenz im buddhistischen Kontext
Katsumi Takizawas und Seiichi Yagis Dialog mit dem Buddhismus in Japan

Sybille Fritsch-Oppermann

This doctoral thesis deals with the concepts of systematic theologians and philosophers of religion Katsumi Takizawa and Seiichi Yagi in the context of Japanese Kyoto School and Buddhist-Christian Studies from Process Theology to Theology of the Cross. Two early representatives of Dual Belonging are hereby introduced.

Sofies Welt.

Sofies Welt. Ein interreligiöser Dialog über Geschichte, Philosophie und Wirklichkeit.

Sybille Fritsch-Oppermann

Loccumer Protokolle 19/98, Rehburg-Loccum

Conference documentation. By means of a novel about Philosophy questions are asked about the concept of truth, of death and immortality and the concept of nature from the point of view of different disciplines and religions.

„Wir sehen jetzt durch einen Spiegel in einem dunklen Wort“.

„Wir sehen jetzt durch einen Spiegel in einem dunklen Wort“.
Wirklichkeitskonstruktionen, Pluralismus und die Sehnsucht nach Wahrheit.

Sybille Fritsch-Oppermann

Loccumer Protokolle 18/95, Rehburg-Loccum

Conference documentation of an international conference about Pluralist Theology of Religion and the Dialogue of Religions, about reality and the construction of reality, chaos and creativity, poetical truth and the use of metaphor in Science